El Paso Table Tennis

Feb 26th 2011 Recession Fighter II

Mark Nordby and Ron Pickett (NM) take 1st-$100 and 2nd-$80 in the Open. Ron also won the U-1900 event and collected another $60.

Young Alan Torres showed a lot of future potential taking $40 for 2nd in the U-1900

Michael Gopin hung on to win the U-1700 event, even though he will be having knee surgery in just weeks and had seriously limited movement

Javier Rojas Jr. showed off his continuing improvement with the U-1200 title and 2nd in both the U-1450 and U-1700 events

Gustavo Martinez happy with his hard-earned U-1450 title

Luc Longpré with a good showing winning the U-1000 and taking 2nd in U-1200

Ralph Tanner takes down 2nd in U-1000, even while developing his new looping game

The U-1000 battle between Ralph and Luc (A visiting 1900 player mentioned how good these players looked for that rating level !!!!)

Javier Rojas JR, Alan Torres and Carlos Rojas watching the action

Javier Rojas Sr. (Thanks for supporting our tourneys)

The youngest Rohas - Carlos

Ronald filling in excellently for the Coach

Another crowd shot and special thanks to Luc for handling the control desk and more

Coach Mark warming up for Open final

Javier and Luc in the 1200 final with Rudy helping as scorekeeper

Feb 26th 2011 Recession Fighter II Tournament announcement flier (pdf)