El Paso Table Tennis


Danny Seemiller (‘04 and ’08 Men’s US Olympic Coach) –“ The El Paso Table Tennis Club is a 1st class organization. The club has excellent playing conditions and a full time national level coach. El Paso does table tennis the right way!”

Randy Nedrow (Dallas Fort Worth TTC, TX) (rated 1950) – “The El Paso Table Tennis Club is indeed a top notch operation/facility, and one which has inside talent and a support system to compliment the atmosphere. Keep up the obvious GREAT WORK ! ”

Tom Wintrich (Albuquerque, NM) (rated 1732)- “It’s a joy to play at the El Paso club because of the high ceiling, bright lights and that wonderful mat flooring that is so easy on the legs.”

Alexander Mehrabian (Chicago, IL) (rated 2125)- ”  WOW what can I say . It’s the best Club I have ever played in. Every aspect is perfect; the lighting, floors, tables, the nice logos/ posters on the walls.  I have played in over 50 tournaments all over the Midwest and East, and El Paso would be ranked Number 1 for the conditions of play, and how smoothly it ran.”

Luc Longpré (El Paso, TX) (rated 940)- “I joined the table tennis club in the summer of 2006. I was playing casually for a few years. In the summer of 2009, after the club moved to its new wonderful location, and motivated by the coaching of Mark Nordby, I started regular, 3 times a week, more intensive training at the club. I got surprised when I noticed I started losing weight, all while enjoying myself. You don’t need to be a champion to reap the health benefits. I improved my game quite a bit, but I’m still considered an intermediate player and most of our club members have expertise that surpasses mine. Check the before and after pictures. At left, a picture from 2007, about the same weight as when I started training. The right picture is me, 38 pounds lighter and 3.5 years older.”

Mr. Gopin, Chaesun, and Edgar watching the doubles final

Mr. Gopin, Chaesun, and Edgar watching the doubles final