El Paso Table Tennis

Best of the West Open, Phoenix, September 24-25 2011

Best of the West Open
Phoenix September 24-25 2011

The El Paso crew in Phoenix

Roy, Chae Sun, Gustavo, Alex, Mark, Chinoz, Michael, Luc

The El Paso crew on Sunday morning

Some notable results:

U-1000 1st place – Luc
U-1125 1st place – Luc
U-1250 Semi-finalist – Luc
U-1500 1st place – Chinoz
U-1500 2nd place – Roy
U-1625 1st place – Chinoz
U-1625 2nd place – Roy
U-1750 2nd place – Roy
U-1750 semi-finalist – Chinoz
U-1875 semi-finalist – Michael
Women’s Singles 1st place – Chae Sun
Open singles 2nd place – Mark

A solid showing for our El Paso members

El Paso members showing off the prizes won in Phoenix on Sep 24-25