El Paso Table Tennis

Aug 28th 2010 Summer Slam II Open Table Tennis Tournament

Tournament winners

Group A

Bernardo Escoto, Group A, First place

Mark Nordby, Group A,
Second place

Landry Nfonsam, Group A, Third place

Group B

Chae Sun Jimenez, Group B, First place

Javier Rojas, Group B,
Second place

Gustavo Martinez, Group B, Third place

Tournament Pictures


The hard-working Tourney Director


Alex shows off his fundamentally sound position for a forehand stroke


Ronald shows off an excellent beginning to a wicked/nasty pendulum serve


Some of the crowd


Practice partners and friends, but Gustavo and Ronald still want blood !!!


Robert about to crush a backhand


A fierce battle - Alex vs Isai in the fifth game

Tournament Results

Initial Group 1

Initial Group 2

Initial Group 2

Initial Group 3

Final Group A

Final Group A

Final Group B