El Paso Table Tennis

9th Handicap League

Handicap League (Feb-Apr) winners

Proud winners of the League – Earl 3rd-$20, Luc 2nd-$40, ChaeSun 1st-$60.

Earl, Luc and ChaeSun

Earl Arbogast, Luc Longpré, and ChaeSun Jimenez

Final Results

ChaeSun is 21-9 for 51 points
Luc is 17-15 for 49
Earl is 16-16 for 48
Ralph is 19-9 for 47
Coach 13-18 for 44

Honorable Mention goes to Marty for his 13-0 record
Congrats to ChaeSun on her long-awaited 1st win
Prizes of 1st-$60, 2nd-$40, 3rd-$20

** Please remember, this scoring system benefits the player who plays the most matches – 2 points for a win, 1 point for a loss and ZERO points for not playing **