El Paso Table Tennis

5th Annual Fall Open

5th Annual Fall Open Nov 9th Results

Group A

Ron Pickett, Mark Nordby, Gus Martinez

Ron Pickett, Coach Nordby, Gustavo Martinez

1st-Mark Nordby(EP) $90 (7-0)
2nd-Ron Pickett(ABQ) $70 (6-1)
3rd-Gus Martinez(EP) $50 (5-2)

Group B

Merris Montoya, Ed Roche

Morris Montoya, Ed Roche

1st-Ed Roche(ABQ) $60 (7-0)
2nd-Morris Montoya(ABQ) $50 (6-1)

Group C


Pablo Li, Sean Ko

1st-Chia-Yeh “Pablo” Li(ABQ) $40 (6-1)
2nd-Sean Ko(EP) $30 (6-1)
Carney Foy(6-1) took 3rd in a 3-way tie

U-3500 Doubles

Theo Martinescu, Ron Picket

Theo Martinescu, Ron Pickett

Ron Pickett and Theo Martinescu of Albuquerque dominated losing only 1 game in 4 matches

ChaeSun Jimenez, Robert Compton

ChaeSun Jimenez, Robert Compton

Robert Compton and ChaeSun Jimenez of El Paso played 5 close matches and survived for 2nd

Thanks to all our out of town players…Ron Pickett, Rick Chartrand, Joshua Ford, Ed Roche, Morris Montoya, Lianjie Xue, Theo Martinescu, Pablo Li, Carney Foy, Emma Chang, and Leif Nordell

See the tournament announcement page here.