El Paso Table Tennis

2015 Santa Fe Open

Santa Fe, NM Double Round-Robin Tournament Oct 24 Highlights

48 players from NM, TX, CO, CA, Indiana and Europe competed in 4 groups based on playing level – A, B, C, D

Our El Paso participant results were as follows

Gustavo Martinez – took 2nd in Group A taking home $100 going 9-1 for the day( lost the final 19-17 in the 5th game to Ron Pickett of ABQ in a very impressive display of forehand looping by both players)
Ronald Meeks – took 3rd in Group A taking home $50 going 8-2 on the day
Michael Gopin – finished Group A in tie for 5th/6th going 6-2 on the day
Luc Longpre – finished Group B in tie for 7th/8th going 4-4 for the day

Santa Fe Table Tennis Club