El Paso Table Tennis

2012 Summer Slam IV Sep 1st

Sep 1st 2012: Summer Slam IV Results

Double Round-Robin Singles:

Group A 1st Mark Nordby 2173……..2nd Landry Nfonsam 1899
Group B 1st Christian Botez 1593….2nd ChaeSun Jimenez 1601
Group C 1st Meng Zhang 1164………2nd Kali Goring 1470
Group D 1st Pablo Li 1058………..2nd Don Richer 1187

U-3500 Doubles 1st Mark Nordby / Pablo Li……2nd Roy Laronde / Mike Gopin

********* ALL of us at El Paso would like to thank the entire crew from ABQ and Santa Fe New Mexico for supporting our tourney and helping make our day more exciting (Tom Wintrich, Kali Goring, Bob Funkhouser, Chengao Wang, Don Richer, Pablo Li, Ignacio Garcia and Emma Chang !)************

Class A winners: Mark Nordby and Landry Nfonsam

Class B winner

Class B winner: Christian Botez

Class B second place

Class B 2nd place: ChaeSun Jimenez

Class C winner

Class C winner: Meng Zhang

Class C second place

Class C second place: Kali Goring

Class D winner

Class D winner: Pablo Li

Class D second place: Don Richer

Doubles Winners

Doubles Winners: Pablo Li and Mark Nordby

Doubles 2nd place

Doubles 2nd place: Roy Laronde and Michael Gopin

See the tournament announcement page here.