El Paso Table Tennis

2012 Fall Open IV Nov 10

Nov 10th Fall Open IV Results

Lukmon Oseni(Mexico City) defeated Coach Nordby pretty easily 3-1 in Group A to finish 1 and 2 and win $85 and $60

Tom Wintrich(ABQ) impressively went 4-0 to win Group B and $50
Christian Botez(EP) hung on for 2nd in Group B for $40

Group C 1st and 2nd went to Chengao Wang(ABQ) and Meng Zhang(EP)

Bo Peng(EP) and Luc Longpre(EP) played well to finish 1 and 2 in Group D

U3500 Doubles was hard fought by all. Lukmon and Pablo Li(ABQ) took 1st and the $70 with Ronald Meeks(EP) / Chinoz Rojas(EP) a close 2nd for $50

Class A winners

Class A winner in a fairly easy victory was Lukmon Oseni (Mexico City) over Coach Nordby for $85

Class B 2nd place

Class B 2nd place was Cristian Botez surviving several tough matches against fellow club members for $40
Unfortunately, our staff (Coach Nordby !) missed a photo of the undefeated winner of Class B from Albuquerque – Tom Wintrich

Class C 1st place

Class C 1st Place from Albuquerque was Chengao Wang winning his 1st title in El Paso CONGRATS

Class C 2nd place

Class C 2nd place was a slightly disappointed Meng Zhang from El Paso

Class D 1st place

Class D Bo Peng finished 3-0 for 1st and now hopes to move up to Class C in the near future

Class D 2nd place

Class D 2nd place was Luc Longpre who played well finishing 2-1

Doubles winners

U-3500 Doubles winners were Lukmon Oseni (2317) and Pablo Li (1100). In claiming the $70 in the double-elimination event they had to play 5 matches and 3 of them were tough 5-gamers

Doubles 2nd place

U-3500 Doubles 2nd place went to Chinoz Rojas(1794) and Ronald Meeks (1640) who played very well going 1-2 against the champs

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