El Paso Table Tennis

2012 AZ Sizzler Open – 2012-07-21

Women’s Singles 2nd place – ChaeSun Jimenez
Open Singles – semi-finalist– Coach Nordby
U-2000 – semi-finalist – Gustavo Martinez
U-1875 – 2nd place – Gustavo and semi-finalist – Roy Laronde
U-1750 – 2nd place – Chinoz Rojas
U-1625 – 2nd place – Ronald Meeks
Open Doubles – 2nd place – Chinoz and Javier Rojas
Mixed Doubles – 1st place – Coach and ChaeSun Jimenez
U-3700 Doubles – 1st place – Coach and Ronald Meeks 2nd place – Gustavo and Roy

We need to mention 2 cool things

Javier Rojas of Mexico played his best tourney ever winning the tough U-2000 event

and Ahsan Choudhuri gave the quote of the tournament … after winning 4 straight magnificent points with vicious forehand loop winners to win the game, he approached all of the El Paso team and proclaimed with a straight face “nothing is working Coach”. The entire group of us started laughing so hard until we realized he was completely serious. Needless to say, we found out quickly Dr. Choudhuri is definitely a perfectionist! This was his 1st tournament and he performed fantastically!

Also a special THANK YOU to Edgar Jimenez who is always helping and rooting for all El Paso players !!!