El Paso Table Tennis

Table Tennis Handicapped score leagues

The club routinely runs a handicapped score leagues. Each time, about 20 club members participate in a competition that lasts about 3 months. The format is a giant round-robin. Typically, we play 3 out of 5 matches, participants play each other twice during the competition. We have also tried 4 out of 7 matches, with only one match per pair of participants. Matches can be played at any time during the competition period by asking one another “would you like to play our league match now”? Scores are left in a special box and results are added to our big board. We maintain club ratings that are what we estimate as fair USATT ratings. At the end of the competition, the top two performers get a prize reward. Also, their club ratings are raised 50 to 100 above their fair ratings to make it difficult to win twice in a row. Other players derive new club ratings based on both performance in the league and professional assessment from our coach.

We use this handicapped score table (pdf). This table was developed by Luc Longpré and is based on two calculations. First, develop a formula that, given a difference in ratings, computes the proportion of the points likely to be won by each player. This formula was initially based on matches scores data gathered from a number of regular tournaments in El Paso. Later on, we took into account matches played in the handicapped scores leagues and we found no need to adjust the formula. Second, develop a mapping which, given this proportion, provides the starting score that will most closely even out the chances of winning a game. This mapping was developed using statistical analysis. This table has worked very well. Actually, we usually have more participation from the locals in our league than in our tournaments. Successful participants are usually those who are underrated, no matter high or low.

If you use our table in a tournament, we would be delighted if you send us the matches scores (including ratings of players, starting and final scores). This would allow us to evaluate if our handicapped scores table is applicable everywhere or tailored to our club participants. Use the contact information page for current e-mail address.